Custom Design & Programming

If you can imagine it, we can build it! 


NetSys Interactive Inc. can build your dream site from scratch.   

All custom sites we build are designed to work across the range of screen sizes, including mobile phones. We work with you prior to starting any project to ensure you are clear on the scope of the project and that all of your wish list items are identified and incorporated into the project.  Occasionally a customer requests a quote for a feature that is incompatible with current web technologies, but generally we can come up with a suitable alternative that is reasonably priced and that is effective for the desired need/use.

We specialize in everything from membership sites to custom designed database driven interfaces for you, your employees, and your customers!  If you don't see what you're looking for below, please ask your sales representative to assist you in getting a quote for your desired interface(s).

All sites come with secure back end admin interfaces that allow you to update the main page text.  (Some text is not editable by default like on web forms or within widgets.  Almost any text can be made editable though for a small upgrade fee.) 

  • Single Pages start at $150 a page and go up from there depending on the complexity of the page and the level of interactivity.
  • Custom widgets start at $500 for adapting open source & $1500 from scratch and can be added to almost any page you want!
  • Custom Admins start at $500 for adapting open source & $1500 from scratch and can be tied into databases, widgets,  secure web forms, and email notifications!
  • Custom Programming - You tell us what you want it to do and we'll give you a quote for the work! Custom programming is $250 hour.
  • Custom Graphics - We can recreate existing graphics/logos or create them from scratch! Custom graphics are quoted individually or by the project and are based on our hourly rate of $250 hour.
  • Custom Web Design - If you want a very specific look to your site, we can create it!  Custom design is quoted on a case by case basis by our $250 hour rate and exact cost depends on the complexity of the desired work.

If you're looking for a fast rollout or a much cheaper alternative, we recommend going with one of our Wordpress sites instead.




Custom Portfolio

Websites & Private Intranets

Many of our clients prefer their sites remain non-public for privacy, legal reasons, or because their site is for employees & vendors only.  Therefore we are extremely limited in our ability to showcase most of our custom projects out of respect for our customers.  However, the examples below should give you a good idea of what we can do. 


The Arcadia Tour is a membership site for high end real estate agents who collectively tour million dollar homes on a regular basis to help promote the high end homes to other agents looking for unique homes for their clients. It includes both public and members only areas.  It utilizes custom interfaces for new member sign ups for agents and affiliates, a sponsors page, a Google map embedded into the site, and a tour calendar on the public portion of the site.  The secure members only section of the site includes a secure log in system, member renewals, a tour request form that checks if the home was on tour recently & a payment option, member announcements that include eFlyers with multiple payment level options, an announcement archive in chronological order, membership information update interface, members list with a search, and a lost my password interface.   It also includes a secure back end admin interface to maintain various parts of the site including a tour manager interface for reviewing and scheduling of tour requests, membership management, and content management.


Bizity is a business networking and marketing site that allows users to create accounts for free for themselves or their business.  It includes a member search feature, a member messaging system, a member connection system, the ability to follow other members, a project collaboration system, a built in advertising and banner system, member posts, secure back end admins for maintaining content throughout the site and tie ins to a custom checkout system for purchasing upgrades like advertising, custom banner ads and profile images, web design, etc.  Members log into their own accounts through a secure password protected interface that allows them to maintain their own profile and to interact with other members and the Bizity team.  This project was specifically designed to be modular in nature to allow for ongoing development of new features and modules.  It also incorporates a separate design and menu system to allow an update to roll out across all pages with a single update.  Even the core of the design code base can be updated independent of the programming allowing for fast upgrades when the code base has a new release rolled out.  It is setup on the Amazon Cloud (AWS) with auto scaling of web servers to handle traffic surges and is split up across separate servers for image hosting, database records, and the main site programming to allow for efficient load balancing.  It is also setup to allow for rapid increases (spin ups) in resources allocated for extremely heavy traffic and usage patterns.


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