Is AI Really Coming for Your Job?

It seems like everyone is talking about ChatGPT Open AI these days. (link below) Some people are excited about the possibilities of AI making life easier while others are terrified it will make them obsolete. So which is it? The truth is that it’s something in-between. I’ve been working in tech and writing code for […]

3 Free Web Design / Web Development Industry Secrets, You Wish You Knew

Like most industries, a lot is going on behind the scenes of web design/development and a lot of history that most people are unaware of. Before I get into it, I should first tell you a little bit about my background and how I got into the web design industry. I’ve been building websites, writing […]

Expert Technology Consultants Who Care

We are expert technology consultants providing services such as web hosting and graphic design, to custom programming, and search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, we design professional logos, newsletter management systems, eFlyer builders, and blogs. We also provide social media graphics, membership sites, as well as custom solutions based on a client’s exact needs.